Richmond Learning Platform

What is Richmond Solution?

We are an innovative educational system. We work with schools to develop and support the transformation of their English programs into successful and sustainable learning experiences.

Our processes are based on the needs of the educational institutions we work with, and our guiding principle is to provide evidence of learning through different types of assessment.

Educational scope of the system

  • We coach the educational community of the school to aid them in the transformation of their English program.

  • We implement new management and teaching models both inside and outside the classroom.

  • We promote learner-centered educational experiences grounded in clear evidence of learning.

  • We become a strategic ally for the school to help them to meet their program objectives through the use of educational technology and systematic assessment.

Evidence of learning

Learning effectiveness

The most reliable way to determine a student’s progress and to make decisions about the teaching-learning process is by accessing and using real evidence of learning.

Monitoring the teaching-learning process

Our system ensures that each student can track their learning and can see in real time how they are doing against course objectives. They can also monitor and assess the language competences and skills they are developing.

Our solutions

Our strategic allies

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