Richmond Learning Platform

Digital environments


April 13, 2021


Richmond Solution enhances the use of educational technology through a rich digital environment: the Richmond Learning Platform. This platform allows the English language teaching and learning process to go beyond the classroom. The tool allows students to access their learning content virtually, and perform practice and consolidation activities. They get immediate feedback and are constantly assessed.

One of the features of the Richmond Learning Platform is its versatility. This is thanks to the different ways it integrates with other platforms such as e-stela, myON, Google Classroom, Teams, Zoom, and Meet. In this way, it facilitates interface with other digital environments.

Richmond Learning Platform for teachers

For teachers, there is a complete set of contents, useful class management tools, and the markbook, which allows teachers to monitor classwork.

Richmond Learning Platform for students

Students can work with content synchronously and asynchronously through the digital ecosystem.

Offline Solution App

The Offline Solution App allows students to work asynchronously and without the need for an Internet connection: anywhere and any time. Students can download their content to any mobile device with at least an 8-inch screen.

When they finish practicing, students can connect to the web to synchronize their results, which are sent to the teacher’s markbook. This makes learning trackable once again.

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